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Jay wennington N Y88 T Wm Gw A unsplash

Terms & Conditions

By completing an application to be listed on the Buy Local South East website www.buylocalfoodanddrink.co.uk
the registration details for a business will be displayed to the public and used by Produced in Kent and its partners in the project Rural Community Council Essex and Natural Partnerships to promote this website.

Applicants understand and agree to the following conditions:

  1. The business is based in Kent or Essex or has an effective presence in Kent or Essex.
  2. Businesses based in East Sussex will register and be linked via www.sussexfoodanddrink.org
  3. The business complies with all relevant legislation relating to Food Safety and Hygiene, Traceability, Environmental Health and Trading Standards.
  4. The business adheres to the Government Covid19 general guidance on social distancing and specific guidance for the food and drinks industry
  5. The listing is free of charge until 30 June 2021, but may change to a paid listing afterwards. Listed businesses will be notified in time of any changes in listing fees.
  6. Information provided for the Buylocalfoodanddrink website will be retained by Produced in Kent on a database for the duration of your listing and will be used to update our records and to contact you with information about relevant initiatives, services or opportunities that we believe may be of interest. Your details will be stored securely and not be released to any other organisation. Produced in Kent is the Data Controller for your information. Please refer to our Privacy Policy at www.producedinkent.co.uk for more details
  7. The final decision regarding acceptance of a listing for the business on the BuyLocalFoodandDrink website is at the discretion of Produced in Kent.
  8. Produced in Kent reserve the right to edit, remove or replace any images that do not meet the required standard.
  9. Produced in Kent reserve the right to refuse an application for listing on the BuyLocalFoodand Drink website where it considers it does not meet the required standard.
  10. The information displayed on the public areas of the site can be collected, correlated and used by third parties and may result in unsolicited messages from third parties. Such activities are beyond our control. If at any stage you would like to remove, check or amend the information about you that is held by us please send an email to info@producedinkent.co.uk. Full details of our Privacy Policy and Cookies can be viewed at www.producedinkent.co.uk