10 uses for A Little Bit Dips

(that aren’t dipping!)

A little bit dips
A little bit dips

With the summer sunshine well and truly here, it’s the time of year for al fresco eating, picnics and BBQs – and A Little Bit’s range of dips are the perfect thing to have to hand. Although made for dipping, there’s so many more ways to enjoy our dips, and we’ve put together a few suggestions below.

Make a tasty tart. A great dip can make the perfect base for a tart, topped with your favourite ingredients. Simply top a sheet of puff pastry with seasonal veg – aubergines & peas with our Oregano & Aubergine dip is a favourite of ours.

Stir into a curry. Try using dip as a base for a curry sauce – works well for both vegan and meat curries.

Sandwich filler. This one’s pretty obvious but worth a mention! And it’s not just great in a traditional sandwich, why not try in a halloumi wrap or toasted pitta?

Pasta Sauce. Simply toss your favourite dip with your favourite type of pasta. We love our Mint, Pea, and Parsley Dip with rotini for a quick healthy lunch! Top tip: right after you’ve cooked and drain your pasta, put the pasta back in the pan, add your dip, and warm up gently on the hob.

Serve as a sauce or a slather. This is particularly great if you’re having a BBQ. Make kebabs with your favourite meat or veggies and finish with a slather of your favourite dip.

Pimp your jacket potato. A dollop of delicious dip is a great way to perk up a baked potato. To make it even better, add some roasted veggies and a scatter of shredded cheese! Use as a pizza topping. Who says pizza sauce needs to be made with tomatoes? Try using a tasty dip as your base instead, and feel free to get creative with the toppings.

Serve with rice and pulses. Dips are a great way to make grains and pulses more interesting. Use as a garnish or mix through.

Stir through risotto. Add a twist to any risotto recipe by stirring through a few generous dollops of your favourite dip. Our dips are particularly good for this as they add a dose of fresh herbs and veggies which can really make a risotto come alive!

Make bruschetta. Use your favourite dips to make beautiful bruschetta that are perfect to serve at dinner parties.

Find out more about our full range of delicious dips, dressings, ketchups, sauces & vegan mayos, and buy online for nationwide home delivery at www.alittlebit.co.uk