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Kent’s many rural pubs, coffee shops, cafes, bars, restaurants and boutique hotels are the social fabric of the county, providers of fabulous food and drink, a great draw for tourists and primary market for local food and drink suppliers. Have a look at which venues have opened their doors to the public and what measures they have taken to make your experience a safe and enjoyable one. Book a table, grab a drink, order a takeaway or buy a voucher – there are many ways in which you can Support Your Local!

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Jay wennington N Y88 T Wm Gw A unsplash
Jay wennington N Y88 T Wm Gw A unsplash

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We’ve collated all the best news about fantastic local businesses all through the South East

Pendlewick Golden Amber
10th May 2021 Make your picnic a Pendlewick Picnic
Cocktail in a bottle Strawberry Daiduiri
10th May 2021 Cocktail in a Bottle have the perfect drinks for a Picnic!
Communigrow IMG 1111 1
5th May 2021 Communigrow: Supporting People in Kent