A bold new twist on a classic cocktail

Spry Drinks have recently added their fiery Bold Mary to their list of easy-to-make cocktails.

SPRY Bloody Mary
SPRY Bloody Mary

A Bloody Mary is one of those cocktails that everyone has heard of even if they have never tried it. It is a unique mix of ingredients put together to create a traditional blend you can find in most bars and brunch menus.

Using Spry’s Perfect for the Bold flavour, they have managed to completely flip the taste of a Bloody Mary while maintaining all of its most loved qualities. With a daring twist on this classic concoction, you can enjoy the spice as it gives a delectable kick to the tomatoey flavour.

The Bold is one of Spry’s more unique and daring flavours and is the perfect ingredient for this dynamic cocktail. With its robust spice, you can make the Bold Mary with ease using the bare minimum of two ingredients as the Bold provides you with all you’ll need to achieve the famed spice flavour.

Spry’s Perfect for the Bold is a superb buy as it can be used in many other cocktails with mixers such as apple and beetroot juice or even kombucha. A particular favourite is their Bold and Bubbles cocktail; a crazy concoction unlike anything you have ever tried before with the unique twist of chilli bubbles that create a wild nose-tickling sensation.

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You can find them at SPRY Craft Drinks (drinkspry.com)