African recipe boxes delivered straight to your front door.

Afro Box UK is a brand new family-run recipe box service, operating out of Dover, Kent.

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It provides the best West African recipe delivery service across the UK. The recipe boxes include the precise ingredients necessary to create the best traditional Ghanaian food, from the comfort of your home.

Nanna, a food entrepreneur, is passionate about her West African food roots. Nanna loves cooking the traditional bold flavoured food, that she grew up eating, for her husband and two children. With plant-based and vegetables typically the stars of Nannas' dishes, she recognised, during the first lockdown, that finding speciality ingredients had become extremely challenging. Having moved out of London recently, and on hearing the same concerns from her family and friends living in different parts of England and Scotland, Nanna has launched Afro Box UK.

Nanna Fosua Boateng, the owner of Afro Box UK, said, "I love sourcing ingredients, creating, designing menus and cooking for my family and friends. I am passionate about my food culture and decided that I wanted to share my family recipes and techniques to a wider audience. It was, therefore, a logical step for me to set up a service to help

others pick a recipe box that includes African ingredients to create meals for every occasion".

The ingredients Nanna typically sources include, melon seeds, grains of paradise (also known as melagueta pepper), cassava (a root vegetable and is a vital part of the region's cuisine), okra, garden eggs, corn dough, and assorted canned fishes, saltfish, etc.

Having sourced the ingredients, Nanna then boxes up all of the individual elements, despatches them, along with her family recipes, to clients' doorsteps. Her carefully chosen ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes give clients the confidence to create her dishes. These dishes include Jollof Rice (a popular one-pot dish), of course with Nanna's family twist - which she believes is simply the best. To help clients, Nanna provides a one-stop 'pantry' for all of the necessary ingredients to transport them to the African Continent. Her clients can choose to order a single tasty 'meal' every week or to stock up on a week’s worth of ingredients. Or for a special occasion, they can order, prepare and cook the most incredible authentic Ghanaian gastronomic feast.

Nanna said, "I am delighted to help people struggling to find authentic ingredients, by offering the 'Afro Box UK cooking experience' delivered straight to the client's door. The Afro Box UK service enables foodies and already lovers of African street-food and chop-bars, who have possibly been struggling to find the right ingredients to, recreate our native food easily. African food is vibrant, spicy, colourful and full of tropical flavours and can now be enjoyed in the comfort of peoples’ homes”.

Nanna concluded, "I was born in Ghana. I have always loved traditional African food, and it is great to see that the cuisine is finally receiving the international recognition it deserves. I want to ensure that my clients have access to all the produce they need to enable them to prepare and cook the most delicious home-made Afro food. To add to the authenticity of the experience, I have also sourced the most beautiful cooking tools and exquisite serving dishes that can be purchased, to help my clients be transported to my 'home' town, where they can conveniently, and quickly enjoy my favourite West Africa heritage cuisine".