Barnsole Vineyard plant indigenous vine

Barnsole Vineyard has planted a block of Wrotham Pinot, the indigenous vine of England.

Barnsole Vineyard Wrotham Pinot
Barnsole Vineyard Wrotham Pinot

Originally found growing wild in Wrotham in Kent, research last century suggested that this vine may have descended from vines brought to England by the Romans two thousand years ago. Curiously, the leaf is the same shape as Pinot Noir, but is furry on the upper side.

Phillip Watts, owner at Barnsole Vineyard said "It is such a romantic notion that I had to plant this varietal. We'll start at a small parcel with cuttings from the original vine. See what the wine is like after maturing in French oak. Then, if successful, we will increase the plantings to a sensible commercial scale".

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