Brogdale welcome two new bee colonies

With of acres of orchards, Brogdale Collections heavily relies on pollinators such as bees. To help ensure the trees have as much help with this as possible, Brogdale recently welcomed two new colonies of ‘Buckfast Abbey’ bees.

Brogdale bees 2
Brogdale bees 2

It was important that these new colonies were settled into their new hives as quickly as possible. Brogdale’s bee specialist Michael White was responsible for installing them into their new homes. Each box contained five frames with thousands of worker bees, a queen and a brood which combine to make a viable colony. There was also lava and pollen along with some nectar and honey in there - all the essentials needed to produce a thriving healthy bee colony.

Michael has a team of volunteers who would ordinarily help keep an eye on the bees at Brogdale. However, in the current lockdown, Michael will be doing this himself to make sure they settle in well, but hopefully it won’t be long until the volunteers can get involved.

A blog about the introduction of the two new bee colonies can be found on Brogdale Collection’s website https://www.brogdalecollection...