Exiting new things at Perry Court Farm

What have Perry Court Farm been up to over the summer?

Perry Couirt Farm veg box
Perry Couirt Farm veg box

We have just pressed our first batch of cherry juice on the farm (as we couldnt do PYO this year and didn't want them to be wasted) So thats our big excitement - https://www.perrycourt.farm/product-page/cherry-juice-250ml

We'd also like to introduce: 'Cherries and Carrottops'! https://cherriesandcarrottops.com/

Cherries & Carrot Tops is a veg box delivery service to Kent and London. Providing home grown produce from our farm in Kent as well as locally sourced products to appeal to every customer. Stemming from 3 generations of farming, our veg boxes are jam packed with in-season quality produce direct from the field with entirely reusable or recyclable packaging.