Fabulous Meat Boxes from Green Farm

One of the most pleasurable things to do at this time of year is to dine outside. With the good weather set to return next week we’re already planning summer barbecues and picnics in the woods.

Green Farm Meat
Green Farm Meat

Are you having similar thoughts?

Eating al fresco makes even the simplest of dishes taste better but the real secret to great meals is quality produce.

From next week, we will have more of our free-range meat boxes available. The boxes we put together last month sold in no time, so we wanted you to be the first to know about this month’s selection.

Our fresh pork boxes (approximately 8kg) will be the first to go on sale. As well as the bangers and chops that are essential for your BBQ, the box contains leg, belly and collar joints for delicious roasts. We will also be making plenty of smoked bacon.

At the end of the month, a few of our half-size (approximately 4kg) beef and full size lamb (approximately 8kg) boxes will be available. The beef box comprises steaks, roasting joints, casserole steak and mince, while the lamb box includes shoulder and leg joints, mince and chops.

Plus! We still have some frozen meat available: gammon joints; regular and gluten-free sausages; lamb.

Our animals live outdoors all year and graze on our species-rich pasture grass and our own hay. We also choose not to use chemicals on our land. The result is highly nutritious meat; you really can taste the difference.

If you live too far away to come to the farm, we can now send your box by courier in sustainable packaging.

Find out more about our produce and place your order before our meat boxes go on general sale.

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