Foodari reposition from distributor to home delivery

The dreadful Coronovirus crisis has affected many people in many ways. Whilst we all stay at home and do our bit to support the nation, we are starting to see the detrimental impact this is having on the economy. One sector which was hit particularly hard was hospitality where we have seen restaurants, pubs and hotels close overnight. When we see a restaurant closed it is obvious of the dire impact it is going to have for all involved. But what of their suppliers?

JP At Betts
JP At Betts

www.foodarihomedelivery.comKent based fresh produce provider, Foodari, has supplied many of the best restaurants and hotels as well as many schools and National Trust properties with locally sourced fruit and vegetables since 2007. As social distancing came in and all these establishments were shut down the future was bleak.

Jonathan Parker, Foodari founder, explains “We saw 80% of our sales disappear, we had a chilled warehouse full of perishable fresh produce and no customers to sell it to, something had to be done quickly; we weren’t about to see our business fall over that we have all worked so hard to build.”

He goes on to say “Everyone needed to eat, and the supermarkets were unable to react, so we built a home delivery service to sell our lovely local produce literally overnight. The team worked tirelessly to reposition the business and make a success from a nightmare. Most importantly we have helped support many vulnerable people who are in isolation, that makes me very proud.”

Foodari Home Delivery is now delivering to many thousands of homes across Kent with a selection of fruit, vegetables and other essential items. They have also continued their commitment to sustainable food supply through many initiatives and continue to champion our great Kentish farmers getting food from field to fork as quickly as possible. This crisis has shown how important it is to look after our supply chains and the environment at large.

Regardless of whether Foodari are supplying Michelin star restaurants, Royal households, local schools or you through their new home delivery service, they want you to be as passionate and as excited about our produce as they are.