Fudge can't fix life, but it can make it sweeter...

It’s been lovely to see how many people visit us online to send a sweet treat to someone else, and we want to say thank you!

Fudge Kitchen Furlough Fudge
Fudge Kitchen Furlough Fudge

A few employers have reached out to us eager to find the right way to spread a little sweetness to their teams; asking us to consider offering a ‘Furlough-Fudge’ gift option. Like many others, we’ve been donating some of our confectionery to front-line NHS teams, and other local initiatives supporting key-workers, however those working from home keeping businesses ticking over and others on furlough are perhaps feeling a little isolated and deserve a shout out too.

So, in response we’re introducing single-slice boxes of our world-famous slab fudge, available to order and send to colleagues with a simple message. And to make this even sweeter, for every slice you purchase, we’ll donate 50p to local charitable causes through 'Neighbourly's Community Fund’, so local community initiatives can continue to serve those most in need during this crisis.If you’re representing a business and want to give your team a bit of sweetness, visit our dedicated page to find out more: https://fudgekitchen.co.uk/en/team-treats

Thank you again for all the warm wishes, kind words, and your continued custom at this difficult time!

From all of us at Fudge Kitchen, stay safe