Greensand Ridge Crowdfunding to Donate Sanitiser to Care Workers

Greensand Ridge, a Kent-based distillery has launched a crowdfunding campaign to donate as much of their sanitiser production to care services as possible.

Greensand Ridge Hand Sanitiser
Greensand Ridge Hand Sanitiser

The distillery, which has been making sanitiser for two weeks, has already been supplying a number of care businesses including hospices, residential homes, nurses and the police.

They have been gifting 1 out of every 10 sanitiser containers to those organisiations, but claim it is not enough to satisfy the demand they have.

Will Edge, the founder of the business, says “so much of the alcohol and sanitiser in the market is being hoovered up by private companies to sell to desperate consumers at a profit. We have chosen to supply through our regular retailers as a thank you for supporting us over the years, and we’ve been gifting as much as we can. But as a small business with our own struggles, we can only do so much”.

The business aims to raise £12,000 to donate all of their current stock to the care sector, with any additional amount raised will be invested in raw materials to directly benefit care organisations.

Donations can be made here: