Introducing SPRY

Real local ingredients, bottled

Spry shots
Spry shots

We are happy to announce, that we in SPRY has recently launched our new sipping spirit.

Made from British grain and packed with natural local ingredients and exciting, complex flavours, SPRY is a sipping spirit made from good stuff you understand. Fresh seasonal produce goes into every single bottle, and our small, limited batches give you something new to look forward to every time the seasons change.

Our 3cl sippers are perfect for the change in season. Whether you are walking the dog, hiking on a cold windy day or escaping the cold by being inside. SPRY will cover every moment.

Each SPRY is 34.5% ABV and comes in a 50cl bottle or 3cl sipper.

Visit our social media (@sprycraftshots) or website or feel free to contact SPRY if you would like to try something different and we can help with recommendation for your next food parring (