Karimix win Great British Food Award!

Following on from its recent success in being awarded four Great Taste Awards, Karimix is delighted to have been announced the winner of the 2020 Great British Food Awards: Cooking Sauces and Condiments for its Bulgogi Sauce

Karimix Miguel Barclay Winner Final 2020
Karimix Miguel Barclay Winner Final 2020

Bulgogi Sauce which incorporates the exotic flavours of a delicacy from Korea whilst incorporating Kentish grown apples.

Bulgogi comes from the Korean word consisting of bul (fire) and gogi (meat). It is perfect as a dipping sauce, for grilling or as a stir fry and is also gluten free and vegetarian friendly.

Monica Chia, Founder, said: “We are proud of our products which we make in Selling and we are incredibly pleased to receive recognition for our speciality of bringing the traditional aromas and flavours from across the globe into the modern kitchen. Personally, Bulgogi is one of my favourites as it is a delicious piquant sauce with a hint of heat that delivers perfect flavours every time. It’s so easy to use as a cooking sauce and a condiment.