Keeping Castle Farm running..

Even though our on-farm shop is closed, we are working very hard on Castle Farm to maintain food production. In such difficult & uncertain times, it is even more important than ever to keep the farm running smoothly.

Drilling above the Darent Valley Kent
Drilling above the Darent Valley Kent

After an incredibly wet winter (preventing field work).. we are out full force to ensure we can get a spring crop in the ground. At least we have enjoyed some beautiful blue skies and valley views from our individual ‘isolation hub’ tractor cabs!

The apple orchard had been pruned to promote healthy grown and a good crop of apples come September. Our livestock manager has been kept busy with our beef herd which need looking after and feeding on a daily basis. The Lavender in the meantime is busy ‘sleeping’ and preserving energy for the Summer to come! Click on our blog to see photos from the farm…

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