Kentish Oils launch 10L rapeseed oil refills

With growing demand for sustainable yet simple options when it comes to food shopping, Kentish Oils are delighted to have launched new 10L refillable rapeseed oil containers.

Kentish Oil refils
Kentish Oil refils

Perfect for farm shops, delis and speciality food shops, there are 4 delicious varieties to choose from – Original cold pressed rapeseed oil and blends of Jalapeño, Garlic & Herbs and Lemon.

With an easy-to-use tap, the new 10L containers allow you to refill your bottle and make an environmentally conscious decision when shopping. Using refills is kinder to the environment, with reduced CO2 emission for every refill, as buying refillable products means less packaging products are being manufactured.

Kentish Oils’ cold pressed rapeseed oil is grown locally on our farm in Kent and pressed in-house with 100% traceability. With 100% natural ingredients, rapeseed oil is naturally gluten free, suitable for vegans and a good source of Vitamin E.

Look out for Kentish Oils’ new refills in your local food retailer. Stockist enquiries are always welcome for our full range of refills and recyclable glass bottles.