Mango Amaretti Mess Recipe

Karimix have created this delicious 'mess' recipe using their own Mango Chutney for an exotic twist.

Karimix Mango Amaretti mess
Karimix Mango Amaretti mess

SERVES: 10 as a dessert course

PREP: 20 minutes

CHILL: 30 minutes


150g thick double cream or whipping cream

250g Mascarpone cheese

250g Karimix Mango Chutney

10 large meringue nests

15 small amaretti biscuits


1. Whip cream until stiff.

2. Add mascarpone cheese and whip to mix in well.

3. Stir in 185g Karimix Mango Chutney.

4. Chilled in fridge for at least 30 minutes.

5. To plate up, place a large dollop of mango mess onto each meringue nest,

6. Garnish with half an amaretti biscuit crushed and a teaspoonful of mango chutney.

7. Serve with a small amaretti biscuit on the side


Mix diced fresh mango into mix or as a topping just before serving

Add 50ml rum into mango mix before chilling or more if preferred.