Nim’s Fruit Crisps Launch Share Bags

You asked for it, and here it is, Nim’s Fruit Crisps has launched new Share Bags of its emblematic one-ingredient crisps! The new Nim’s Share Bags come in 3 varieties: Apple, Beetroot & Parsnip, and Pineapple & Beetroot.

Nims Pineapple Share Bag Pack Shot
Nims Pineapple Share Bag Pack Shot

Priced at £1.95 (currently £1.36 with 30% off deal!), each Nim’s Share Bag contains 70g of delicious, fruity goodness, equating to 3 portions. If you can’t eat them all in one go, share them with your isolation buddies!

Nim’s Share Bags make the perfect isolation snack; whether it be to share with your family over a board game, or after your workout, or to snack on in front of a film, Nim’s Share Bags are sure to hit the spot!

Perfect for all the family, each portion of Nim’s contains fruit (or veg) which has been air-dried not fried and make up 1 of your 5 day.

“You might feel you are already sharing more than enough with your family in such close proximity, if not here is a healthier share sized snack choice! High in fibre, immunity boosting fruit and long life too.” said Nimisha Raja, founder of Nim’s Fruit Crisps.

Even better? In a bid to help families to stock nutritious long-lasting fruit (and vegetable) snacks in their homes, Nim’s has also launched a 30% off initiative for any items ordered on their website by using the discount code SNACKNIMS30. This means that you can now get the new Nim’s Share Bag for £1.36!

Discount code SNACKNIMS30