Provenance take on the next generation of Potato Farmers

The future of British farming depends on attracting young talent into the agricultural sector, but it is not always easy to find the right candidate. But Hatfield Farms who grow 75 hectares of potatoes for Provenance have managed just that, by recently employing a 19 year old local lad full time.

Provenance Potatoes Monty
Provenance Potatoes Monty

It soon becomes obvious just how passionate Monty Mayes is about farming –

‘Hi I’m Monty I’m the newest full time employee at Hatfield Farm, I have been employed here for two years as a casual worker in the busy periods, but have now been taken on permanently, so that more of the jobs can be completed in house - jobs such as the spraying and more of the potato based work. I got into agriculture because as a young child I loved agricultural machinery and farming, and as an adult the passion is still there - I love my job and feel very lucky that I’m paid to do something that I love.

My role is forever changing but it involves mainly tractor and loader-based work to assist the main operator to carry out his job. During potato planting I drive the bed tiller and carry out some of the field prep before the potatoes are planted. In the summer months I help sort out the irrigation on the potatoes that we grow, then once harvest starts, I drive one of the trailers that unload the harvester. This year, with the support of Hatfeild Farm I hope to obtain more of my spraying qualifications so I can take on some of the spraying on the farm.’