Spry release their full range of delicious cocktails!

Spry Drinks are happy to announce the release of their new list of cocktail recipes.

SPRY June Good News image
SPRY June Good News image

The Ramsgate based spirit producers, Spry Craft drinks, are proud to announce the release of their new range of diverse cocktail recipes. Using their ground-breaking Spry flavours as the base of each cocktail, Spry has managed to introduce a flavourful class of enticing cocktails as well as creating unique twists on classics such as the Bloody Mary.

Whilst you can enjoy their delectable flavours neat, their list of cocktails comprises of both simple and advanced recipes to cater to all moods and events.

Spry’s simple recipe list aims to use the bare minimum of two ingredients. These cocktails can easily be made from the comfort of your own home or when out and about enjoying the summer sun. Some of these divine concoctions include the flavoursome Spirited goes Cloudy as well as the nose-tickling Bold and Bubbles.

Do not be fooled by the imposition of the word ‘advanced’. Spry’s list of advanced recipes are for the days when you have a bit more time and ingredients on hand meaning that they are suited for amateur and professional mixologists alike. This range includes recipes such as the fiery Bold Mary and the exotic Crafty and Chai.

You can find their full list of enticing cocktails at https://rb.gy/asrbyu

or visit them on their website to order your taster kit today at SPRY Craft Drinks (drinkspry.com)

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