Summer Planting at Provenance Potatoes

With the fine weather, planting is progressing extremely well. Hatfield Farms have planted around 30 hectares of Marfona, Desiree, Maris Peer and an exciting new variety which we will be trialling to customers in the new season!

Provenance Potatoes 200407 122648
Provenance Potatoes 200407 122648

Monkton Court Farms have 23 hectares planted so far with Desiree and Laura (a Tesco finest red variety) and Chislet 20 hectares of Desiree and King Edwards. This year at Hatfeild Farms we have not ploughed the potato fields which has meant minimal soil inversion resulting in less carbon released into the environment.
Later in the month farmers will be sowing two different pollinator mixes which have been specifically designed to offer a range of plants that will contribute to soil health and structure. These will be planted on field headlands and areas which are difficult to access for machinery. The standard mix includes plants such as oil radish, phacelia and berseem clover and the non-brassica option includes vetch, buckwheat, linseed and crimson clover. These plants provide essential pollen and nectar for pollinating insects later in the summer season which in turn encourages farmland birds. Watch out for the wildlife pictures on Twitter later in the summer!