The Curious Eatery deliver fresh produce to the vulnerable in their village

Despite not being open to the public, the Curious Eatery are still doing their bit to ensure the most vulnerable in their local community still have access to fresh produce.

Cuious Eatery Cabbage
Cuious Eatery Cabbage

Lesley from the Curious Eatery said: 'We are not open and will not be open until isolation rules relax a bit, however, we are going in once a week to order pick produce orders for the vulnerable in our village. It is a not for profit initiative and is just in place to help get fresh produce to those who can’t get to shops for lots of reasons. It has been proved how important it is to keep our gut healthy in order to keep our mind healthy and now more than ever this is important being that some people cannot leave their homes for months. Fresh, well produced food is so important!
From next week are also doing a daily ready meal for 40 people on a disadvantaged area close to us, working with the church in Boughton. I was so shocked to hear that in this day and age there are vulnerable people going days without nutritious food or non at all.

We will be in touch when we know exactly what our plan is moving forward so keep an eye on our social media.'