The Macknade Cheese Experience Box

Do you brie-lieve in magic? Well, a monthly box of cheesy deliciousness delivered to your doorstep might just be better than magic!

Macknade Cheese subscription 20
Macknade Cheese subscription 20

The Macknade Cheese Experience Subscription delivers the very best cheeses, handpicked by Macknade’s talented cheesemongers. Ideal as a gift for a true foodie or as a monthly treat to share with family and friends, the cheese experience subscription is the perfect opportunity to discover some new favourites.

The subscription box contains a minimum of four cheeses every month (min 600g total weight) featuring a selection of soft, hard and blue varieties, made from cow, goat, sheep and or buffalo milk alongside a selection of perfectly paired crackers and chutneys or pickles, plus informative tasting notes. Subscribers will also enjoy live online cheese tasting sessions on the first Friday of every month, featuring special guest appearances from the cheese producers throughout the year. The Cheese Experience Box will explore a different theme every month, covering regions, varieties and flavours, but the glorious contents will not be revealed until you unwrap your delivery.

The monthly box includes:

To subscribe, just sign up by the 28th of each month and your box will arrive by the first Friday of the following month. Prices start from £50, choose from a cheese only subscription or opt to include a bottle of wine for an additional £15 per month, perfectly matched to your cheese board. As a rolling subscription, you can choose to opt out at any time via a link which will be sent in your welcome e mail.