Things are moooooving along nicely at Hinxden Farm Dairy!

It has been an exciting time at Hinxden Farm Dairy over recent weeks

Hinxden Dairy Glass Bottles
Hinxden Dairy Glass Bottles

With the launch of a new online customer portal, a new website and a new collaboration with the Hawkhurst Community Fridge to support locals in need.

The Manford family have been farming at Hinxden for over 90 years and are well-loved and renowned for reliably delivering their delicious award-winning milk and dairy products to their customers in all weather conditions. However, the pandemic during the past twelve months has thrown up new challenges not faced before - the farm has been inundated with customers wanting to join the doorstep delivery rounds and customer requirements have constantly been changing with the changes in their home/work life.

It became clear that an online customer portal would not only ease the pressure on the farm office but also be beneficial to its valued customers, who are now able to quickly and easily make changes to their order up until 8pm the night before delivery, view their account online and make payments online. The Manfords recognise that this might not be what all customers want to do however, and will still keep the more traditional methods of phone calls and notes for any customers who prefer to keep things that way! Plans are also underway to make the online portal available for wholesale customers later in the year.

The pandemic has meant that the farm has had to cope with fluctuations in requirements for schools, restaurants and cafes going in and out of lockdowns and so the supply for the wholesale side of the business has been tricky to manage. The Manfords have therefore linked up with the local Community Fridge project at Hawkhurst, supplying them with weekly deliveries of milk, yogurt and cream. Hinxden Farm Dairy is proud to be part of this initiative with a positive social and environmental impact, helping those in need locally to have access to nutritious food and reducing waste at the same time.

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